It was in January 2016 that I started a little project to challenge my mixed media skills. The task was to create one art tag each month, including hand embroidery of course.

Instead of only keeping a process diary in my sketchbook, I decided to share my project with all interested in mixed media and textiles. Initially, I created a separate blog for the project but transfered it here now.

So below are the tags I created during the spring months of the year.





Adding plastic as a synthetic component to a piece of natural fibers is fun! It is also a challenge as you want the outcome to not look “artificial”. Not sure whether I achieved this goal…

The leaf appliqué is made of hand dyed wool felt, the lace is vintage, buttons too.

Satin ribbons come in all colors and at least three different sizes. When I buy new shirts or blouses, they ususally have a small piece of satin ribbon attached to the shoulder parts (for display purposes; they can be attached to the hanger so that the shape of the hung shirt looks “natural”). I cut them off and collect them for later. 😉





May was a very busy month, so my motto for this month was “do not rush”. Sometimes, you need to take a deep breath and relax. And there’s hardly another way to do this better than through art!

The metallic thread is an antique gold purl usually used in gold work. (For example, Golden Hinde UK is a supplier for gold work material.)

The stitches to make the exotic flowers behind the toucan and the border of the triangle are all buttonhole.





Nature’s in full bloom here and insects are swirrling through my little garden…

The appliqué picture is stitched on merino wool felt. I love to use high quality felt as the thread goes so smoothly through the fabric… it’s an investment well worth it!



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