Recently I wanted to upcycle an ill-fitting summer dress. So I made a well-fitting skirt of it. When I was finished sewing, many scraps of nice printed tulle were scattered on my working table… and this assembly looked inspiring, so I decided to have a go at freestyle crazy patchwork!

What follows is a short tutorial of how I made my fabric patches (see above sample picture).

Step 1:

Pin scraps of fabric randomly on a background fabric. The pieces can overlap and/or you can leave some spaces blank so that the background fabric is visible.

Sew the scraps on the background fabric with your sewing machine. Use a straight stitch and just sew some lines.

paisley0.jpgStep 2:

Turn the project around and outline your desired shapes directly on the back of the background fabric.


Step 3:

Cut out the shapes with your fabric scissors.


Step 4:

Using your sewing machine, fix the fabric borders with a zig-zag stitch. You can use a contrasting thread color, if you like.


Step 5:

Embellish the patches with embroidery, vintage lace, buttons and other paraphernalia.

If you liked this tutorial, please let me know. I would love to see your patches! ❤


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