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My newest (and today finished) series is called “Switzerland – Then and Now“.



The background photos are all original antique pictures of Swiss people, taken by Swiss photographers.

In this series I wanted to contrast images of the past with images of the present, whether these images are only a subjective mind construct or based on history. The viewer is confronted with how the past and the present intertwine, and also maybe with questions about values and morals.

Furthermore, there’s humour in these works, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden.

I used only one technique in this series: hand embroidery. The stitches are not so delicate as usual as the holes in the paper need to be a little further apart in order to not tear the paper… I could have used appliquéd stitched motifs, but decided against it; above all, I wanted to show how the past and the present interweave, not only figurativly but also by concretely interweaving the materials of the past (paper) with the materials of the present (threads).

And now to the works:

Lustige Winzerinnen 2017

The speech balloons are filled with chat slang (a mixture of English and German as it is used these days in Switzerland). The girls are discussing their plans for the weekend and their love life. You only live once!


Chuttlebutzer 2017

The photograph shows a band during the Swiss Fasnacht (carnival) in 1964. This was 28 years before the first annual techno parade in Zurich happened. This parade was called “Love Parade”. One year later (in 1993), the techno parade was relabeled to “Street Parade” and is called thus to this day. The orange star logo is the official logo of the Street Parade. The logo in 2016 had the number “7” in the middle. If the carnival shown in the background photo had had a logo, it would have been one with the numer “-28” (meaning 28 years before the first techno parade).

Schweizer Spende 2017

The photo was taken during the first world war; the Red Cross collected household items to give to war victims who had lost their homes and belongings.Today, as everything is digitalized, also donating is online. Wemakit was founded in Switzerland in 2012.


Grosmueter 2017

I am sure that 80 years ago, there were rebellious woman. But unlike my “Grosmueter” (granny), they probably hid it well… (Today, having piercings and tattoos are not considered rebellious anymore. I wonder what is…??)

Pause am Hellbühl 2017

A bunch of chaps relaxing in the sun between army training lessons – today unthinkable without electronic devices and digital gadgets…


Einsame Wacht 2017

“Einsame Wacht” means “being on watch and lonely”. Added in hand stitch is a mobile phone tower. Ironically, with all the digital “connectedness” today, we are more lonely than ever…

All above pieces of this series are for sale. You can purchase them here.

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