Two years ago, a very good friend gave me a “How to Zentangle”-book as a birthday gift. I started doodling right away. For a few days, we now and then exchanged pictures of our creations by mobile phone but then decided to challenge ourselves with a 30 day project: draw one zentangle each day. We even founded a facebook group (azentangleaday) to share our creations.


My first few zentangles are typical ones. I used fineliner (black or white) for the outlines and pencil for the shadows:

Then, I experimented with colored fineliners and/or pencils:

On day 11, the first zentangle including some random stitching appeared:


I continued adding hand embroidery to the tangles and also tried out colored backgrounds and even some carved stencil prints as a starting point for a zentangle design:

What followed were some drawings on a black background:

The next days, I created some designs with “gaps” – doodleless spots to later fill with stitch: born were my STITCHTANGLES!

Two more with stitching on the paper and one I did with a ballpoint pen during a very boring business meeting. 😉

And finally three additional designs worked on fabric:


When the 30 days were over, I asked myself how I wanted to store my zentangles. So I gave bookbinding a try.

This is my very first bookbinding work. The cover is made of so-called “fabric paper”. You take some cloth and coat it with a mixture of glue and water. Then you lay snippets of (textured) paper on the cloth and again coat it with the watery glue. After it is dried, you can color the fabric paper as you like.


Later that year, I printed some stitchtangle designs on fabric and hand embroidered them:




I even made some embroidery kits with some of these desings, including a booklet in English and German. In case you are interested, you can either order them here or send me a PN.


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